Office Locations

There are three Prosecutor's Office locations:

  • Main Office, Valparaiso
    This office is responsible for all major felony cases and County Court 4 cases.
  • North County Complex Office, Portage
    This office is responsible for all cases filed in County Courts 3 and 6 located in the North County Complex. Currently four Prosecutors plus support staff are assigned to this office.
  • Child Support Office, Valparaiso
    This office is responsible for child support and paternity matters.

Divisions & Programs


The Office of the Porter County Prosecuting Attorney is established by the Indiana Constitution at Article VIII, Section 16, which prescribes a term of four years with no term limitations. The territorial jurisdiction of the Office is the 67th Judicial Circuit, which includes all of Porter County. The Prosecuting Attorney must be a resident of Porter County, and must be licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana.


It is the responsibility of the Porter County Prosecuting Attorney to pursue speedy and fair prosecutions of all crimes committed within Porter County.

The office is charged with the responsibility of representing the State of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions, resulting from crimes committed within Porter County, Indiana.

In addition, the Porter County prosecuting attorney:

  • Enforces child support orders entered in divorce and paternity cases
  • Prosecutes traffic and other infraction violations of state law
  • Conducts juvenile adjudications and prosecutions
  • Provides information and assistance to the victims of crime
  • Supervises the Prosecutor's Porter County Drug Taskforce (PCDTF)


The primary goals of the Porter County prosecuting attorney are:

  • To provide strong and consistent prosecution of criminals
  • To reduce the devastating effects of alcohol and drug abuse in our community
  • A commitment to provide information, assistance, and protection to crime victims, particularly children, the elderly, and others less able to protect themselves.

Mission Statement

The Porter County Prosecutor's Office seeks to protect the public safety, preserve the interests of justice and provide a voice for victims' rights. We seek to achieve this by striving to:

  • Maintain a high level of personal integrity and professionalism
  • Cooperate with public and outside agencies in a supportive manner
  • Maintain an efficient, yet good-natured work environment
  • Treat others with fairness and sensitivity