We know that most of our poll workers offer to work on election day do so to fulfill a civic duty to assure that our democracy work. We appreciate your commitment, but strongly believe that you deserve to be appropriately compensated for you time and hard work. The poll worker compensation schedule is as follows: 


$190. If an Inspector agrees to take on the additional responsibility of an Inspector at the same polling location who failed to show up, they will be paid an additional $50.


$150. Judges that are the opposite party of the Clerk of the Court and must accompany the Inspector in returning supplies to the Administration Center will be paid an additional $15.



Poll Worker Training

NEW poll workers shall be paid $50 for attendance at the New Poll Worker Training Class. RETURNING poll workers shall be paid $25 for attendance at the Refresher Poll Worker Training Class. Each poll worker shall only be paid once for training.

Meal Reimbursement

Inspectors, Judges and Clerks who work the full day on election day will be compensated an additional $20 for meal reimbursement.