Women Landowners' Gathering--July 31, 2019

Women Landowners' Gathering "Room To Bloom"

Kris and flower arrangement smaller

Thirty-two women enjoyed Porter County Soil & Water's landowners' workshop specifically designed to assist them in learning more about federal USDA-NRCS programs, which can provide technical assistance and cost share to incorporate flowers into cover crops, buffers and wildlife habitat. Cindy Muffett, USDA-NRCS Area Program Specialist, Lafayette, explained various programs and offered advice for planting flowers to attract pollinators. Kris Livovich, owner and designer, Sugarfield Flowers, Chesterton, demonstrated how to arrange field-collected flowers and greens creatively for the home. The gathering concluded with a lunch and conversation. We welcome ideas for our next women landowners' workshop to be held in the summer of 2020.